How does it work ?

You will deal with different stakeholders :


  • The company : Talens, that will provide you with a trustee and professional cleaning lady
  • Your cleaning lady


  • Official organ that provides and delivers the vouchers. This organ is totally independent from the company and is managed on a national level. 


Belgium Government has created this third actor in order to insure and control the system.

This is mainly to avoid fraud and abuse from private companies.


This also means that we, as a company have NO ACCES to your private space on Sodexo, and Sodexo WILL NOT communicate any info about you as a user.


So, in order to use this system, you need to register at Sodexo.


Registration is easy and free ! But you need a Belgium ID number called “NISS”. For SHAPE citizens, follow the link to access info about that number


Registration can be done via an online form :

Or via a paper form :

Document Adobe Acrobat 174.1 KB

The form can also be provided by Talens if needed.


In any case, we will assist you in every step if needed.


After signing up, you will get an e-mail to confirm registration AND give you all access codes:

  • Your user number
  • Your login and password for personal page
  • Sodexo’s  bank account number


You need to keep all these information safely  

There are 2 ways to use titres-services :

  • The paper voucher looks like a ticket and will be sent by postal to your physical address after you have transferred the money to pay the service. One voucher is used for one hour work and is to hand over to the cleaning lady after you sign it in blue or black ink only
  • The electronical voucher is virtual. After money transfer to Sodexo, your vouchers will go directly to an electronical wallet. After each performance, you get an e-mail that will provide you info about the performance. You can then access your personal page to confirm or deny the performance. This personal page also keeps record of various information, such as, date of performance, amount of hours, amount of vouchers left…